R&B JUKE-JOINT under construction

R&B will always be my first-love as it's the sound I first embraced......before I was aware it was a style (or genre) all of it's own I was attracted to the hard-edged grittiness of the sound ! The beat was infectious but coupled with the tales of unrequited love and social hardship it hit me fair and square between the eyes ...this was reality... not some sugar-coated pop-confection....this was life in all it's raw technicolour. The Lyrics dealt with pain and longing, real emotions and if I wasn't hooked by that it was harnessed to a kick-ass beat that had your feet twitching before you even knew how to dance, the feeling started as a rumble deep inside rising to a creshendo of volcanic propensity ..thrusting you physically towards the Dance-floor ,pulled as if by unseen 'Jessie & Shirley' sang 'You can' fight love' sure as hell can't fight The Beat !!!

R&B 'The Roots of my Soul' ..'Bearsoul A Soul Odyssey' 2007 (All rights resreved)